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Rock Creek Campgrounds

Rock Creek is an area in the Inyo National Forest that is just south of Mammoth Lakes. With a lodge, campsites, store and breathtaking scenery, whether you stay or camp, this is the time for a drive. Off Highway 395 Rock Creek is accessed at "Tom's Place". The road is known for the Aspen Trees that change color in fall to spectacular colors. The road takes you past several lakes, the very famous Rock Creek Lodge, known for their cafe inside the bait and tackle store, and the infamous trailhead aptly named "Mosquito Flats." It's a beautiful area and winter or summer worth the drive, and especially to camp.

# of
Water Fee Stay
Big Meadow None 11 5/15-10/27 Piped $14 7 days 8,600 ft.
 East Fork YES 133 5/20-9/29 Piped $13 14 days 9,000 ft.
 French Camp YES 86 4/23-10/27 Piped $13 21 days 7,200 ft.
 Iris Meadow None 14 5/15-10/27 Piped $14 7 days 8,300 ft.
 Mosquito Flat Trailhead None 10 Weather
Stream 0 1 day * 10,300 ft.
 Palisade None 5 5/20-9/29 Piped $13 7 days 8,900 ft.
 Pine Grove None 11 5/22-10/13 Piped $13 7 days 9,400 ft.
 Rock Creek Lake None 28 5/22-10/27 Piped $14 7 days 9,700 ft.
 Upper Pine Grove Handicap Access None 8 5/22-10/13 Piped $13 7 days 9,450 ft.
 Holiday None 35 As Needed Piped $12 14 days 7,500 ft.
 Tuff YES 34 4/23-10/13 Piped $12 14 days 7,000 ft.
 Aspen (group) YES 1 5/19-10/13 Piped $45   8,100 ft.
 Rock Creek Lake (group) YES 1 6/12-10/13 Piped $45   9,700 ft.
Handicap Access = Handicapped Accessible (accessibility is moderately difficult)

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