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Camping in Mammoth Lakes

Camping in MammothSummer is a magic time in Mammoth Lakes. The forest is in full bloom and families flock to get a campsite near the water. Camping in Mammoth is a wonderful family vacation filled with good times and eternal family memories. The Eastern Sierra is filled with campgrounds and all Forest Service lands are open to camping unless otherwise posted which makes Mammoth, Bishop, June Lake, Yosemite, Lone Pine, Rock Creek and the Bristlecone Forest prime places to set up a tent and sleep under the stars. There are many campgrounds in the area and we break the campsites down by overall location. Other visitors prefer to sleep under the stars in a different way, with Mammoth five star lodging! Either way, it is a beautiful night sky.

Campgrounds open at different times and close at different times. If you are adventuring out in the early season, please check with the Forest Service before your drive as your site of choice may not be open due to weather, particularly snow. Likewise, if you're going to camp in a more remote location, let the Forest Service know. It's always prudent to let them keep an eye on you... just in case.

Some of the campgrounds have particular features or scenic ares. These Inyo Forest campgrounds are located near Mammoth. Many have special campsite areas designated for groups or families which mean they are larger sites. There are maps in our travel section showing campground locations available to help you get familiar with the areas.

These are the actual campsites at each campground arranged by area.

While most areas are open for camping in Mammoth, there are some areas where camping is allowed but not recreational vehicles, or vice-versa. Your best source is always the local Forest Ranger's office. They will have the current information. (Sorry not us!)

Mammoth Camping has so many advantages but there are a few rules to follow:
  • You will need to have a fire permit for all fires including stoves and charcoal grills (free at the Forest Service office). If you already have a fire permit, check with local authorities for current fire restrictions. Please be extremely careful with your fires or we could lose the forest.
  • Bring your own water or purify water from lakes, streams or springs. Be sure to make your camp at least 100 feet from all water sources.
  • If there are no toilet facilities, please dig a hole at least 8 inches deep for disposal of your human waste.
  • There are bears in Mammoth. We love our bears, please follow the rules and don't feed the bears. Always store your food properly to avoid property damage.
  • Please take every safety precaution as the altitude is high and there are wild animals in the wilderness areas.
  • Always pack out all your trash - leave no trace of your camp.

Phew! just a few rules. Now go out and count those stars!

For More Information:
Mammoth Forest Service
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

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