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CATTLE DRIVES in the Eastern Sierra

Riding on horse in Pack Train in MammothIf you enjoyed Billy Crystal in the outdoor adventure movie City Slickers, then this trip is for you!Cattle have to be moved as the chill of the Mammoth winter sets in. You'll experience first hand the bawling of cattle, the whistles and shouts of the cowboys, the barking of cow dogs, the dust, and the great food! You'll sit around the campfire with the cowhands and enjoy their tall tales of cattle drives past. Imagine sleeping under the moon and a star, listening to nature at it's finest. Generally, all your provisions will be provided except for bedroll and personal gear.

As many as 400 heads of cow get moved at a time. There are usually two drives a year, one in spring driving them from their winter home up to summer grazing grounds. Then there is a fall drive taking them back down to warmer grounds. Check with the local Pack Stations to see who does either a cattle or horse drive. This is one saddle you definitely want to get your butt into.


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