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Stocking the Mammoth Lakes

fishing in mono county

Let's cut to the chase. We stock the lakes in Mammoth with plenty of fish. They do this because fishing season is so popular that the trout just can't reproduce and grow as fast as we can catch them. The fish for stocking the Mammoth Lakes are provided by the fish hatcheries in Mammoth Lakes, the Department of Fish and Game as funded by the State of California and by local Tim Alpers of Alpers Trout fame. The fish are different sizes, varieties and it is carefully regulated to give you the best possible enjoyment of fly fishing in Mammoth.

There are quite a few hatcheries in the Eastern Sierra area. Hot Creek report that their annual allotment for trout is around 250,000 pounds. The Department of Fish and Game about 15,000 pounds of fish in the 2 to 5 pound range. DFG also stocks over 100,000 fish for Crowley Lake. It is important to note that these are estimates. It is dependent on the California State Budget.

Fish stocking is Important

When revenues are down in California, the DFG gets their budget reduced. Fish stocking is absolutely necessary for the California economy. 80% of "travel" inside California is from Californians. Residents come on vacation in Mammoth and elsewhere to fish. If there is no fish in the lakes, there is no one in lodging, eating in restaurants, buying gas to get here, etc. The entire travel economy collapses and California goes deeper in the hole from lost revenues and local businesses go under. That means your personal taxes will go up to cover the loss. Always support fish stocking. Here is the annual Department of Fish and Game, Mono County stocking schedule. These are smaller fish about 5 oz. each and placed each fall for the next season. Mt. Whitney Hatchery produce about 170,000 pounds of catch able trout each year, plus excess brood stock. Fish Springs produces about 300,000 pounds of catchable trout.

Along with the fish hatcheries, Mammoth is lucky to have prized 3-10 pound fish grown by local hero Tim Alpers. Alpers Trout are delicious and you are so lucky when you catch one. They are grown with the utmost of care. Thank you Tim for all you do for the town of Mammoth and keeping the lakes stocked even when California funds are dry.

Fish Stock Dates

The dates are estimates. Generally it is a Tuesday, Thursday schedule. It's been that way for a long time. This fish stocking schedule gives you an idea of how it is spread out as not all the lakes are stocked on the same day, or with the same amount of fish.

MAMMOTH LAKES Fish Stock Schedule

Upper & Lower Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, Lake Mamie & Lake George


First three stock dates are one pounders
5/21 - 600 lbs 8/06 - 625 lbs 9/03
6/11 - 675 lbs 8/13 - 650 lbs
6/25 - 625 lbs 8/20 - 625 lbs


Last three stock dates are Super Stockers One to Two Pounds each
7/02 - 625 lbs 8/27 - 625 lbs
7/09  - 625 lbs 9/03 - 600 lbs
7/16 - 625 lbs 9/10 - 600 lbs 7/02
7/23 - 650 lbs 9/27 - 600 lbs 8/13
7/30 - 650 lbs   9/03
All stock dates are subject to wind and weather conditions. Fishing season unusually begins the last Saturday in April and ends on or around November 15 each year.

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