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Piagi Park near Blad Lookout MountainDedicated to the elders of the Mono Lake Paiute Natives, Piagi Park represents an activity unique to the Mono Lake people: collecting the larvae of the Pandora moth, or piagi, in trenches dug around the base of Jeffrey pines near the Mono Basin. The piagi are then toasted and eaten--highly nutritious and tasty treats. Piagi Park is of special interest to local Native Americans who are vitally interested in their heritage and to all Inyo National Forest visitors interested in Native American life ways and prehistory.

Signs in the park explain the collection, preparation, and importance of piagi. Nearby is a "wiki-up:" a branch and bark structure used to store the collected piagi in a cool spot prior to processing this important food resource.

Piagi Park is located about 7 miles east of U.S. 395, near Forest Service Road 1S05, near the eastern border of the Indiana Summit Natural Area Reserve. 1S05 meets U.S. 395 about 15 miles south of Lee Vining. Cal Trans designates 1S05 the "Logging Camp Road," and it is also known as the "Bald Mountain Lookout Road" since 1S05 terminates at the Bald Mountain Fire Lookout. Finding the wiki-up site takes perseverance, being located on an unnumbered road that spurs off of 1S11, about 1 mile east of Piagi Park. When in the area, you may also want to venture to the Bald Mountain Lookout; there is a fabulous view from this point, and the lookout is open to the public during the summer months.

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