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Sequoia Kings Canyon National ParksRanging from 1500' to 14,494' in elevation, Sequoia Forest and Kings Canyon these adjoining parks protect immense mountains, deep canyons, huge trees, and stunningly diverse habitats. The Generals Highway climbs over 5000 feet from chaparral and oak-studded foothills to the awe-inspiring sequoia groves for our spectacular Sequoiadendron giganteum. These trees tower more than 270 feet above the ground and reach diameters of over 30 feet. From there, trails lead to the high-alpine wilderness that makes up most of these parks. Beneath the surface lie many beautiful caverns.

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave in Sequoia National ForestA favorite is Crystal Cave, a cavern full of stalactites and stalagmites. There is also Boyden Cave, but not nearly as spectacular. This is absolutely a don't miss and well worth the trek. Crystal Cave was discovered in 1918 by two park trail construction employees who were fishing along Cascade Creek on their day off. Walter Fry, a former Park Superintendent and caving enthusiast, led the first exploration party into the cave on April 30, 1918. He described the cave as a "cave that nature has lavishly traced her design in decorative glory. Throughout the entire cave the stalactite formations are rich and wonderfully varied in size, form and color. In some of the chambers the ceiling is a mass of stalactites, some very large, others tapering down to needle points. Others drop down from the roof (in) great folds of massive draperies, while yet others are great fluted columns of stalagmites of surpassing symmetry and beauty."

Giant Trees in Sequoia

A great drive is through the different forests, Grant Grove, Cedar Grove, Giant Sequoia Forest, Lodge Pole giants and then catch Moro Rock and climb the stairs to the top. Try counting the steps up, they are nearly 400 and the view of the great divide is amazing. There are some great hikes in the Lodgepole area and don't forget the highlights of the forest, the auto log, tunnel log, and Crescent Meadows

The Giant Sequoia National Monument is located at the southern most end of the Sierra Nevada in Central California, and extends from the Kings River in the north to Telephone Ridge in the south. The Giant Sequoia National Monument offers year-round recreation.

The Giant Sequoia National Monument has 38 groves of these giants. The largest tree in the National Forest System in the United States is the Boole Tree. This giant sequoia, standing 269 feet high, has a base circumference of 112 feet. Other highlights include the Hume Lake Dam - the first concrete multiple arch dam ever constructed in the United States. You can also go Whitewater rafting in the Sequoia Forest on the Kings River, but a commercial guide is recommended.

Sequoia National Forest
Porterville, CA 93257

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park
Three Rivers, CA 93271


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