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Lone Pine Map

From a birds eye view, this Forest Service map of the Lone Pine shows some of the highlights in the area including the Manzanar National Monument, Mt. Whitney, wilderness areas and campgrounds. As outlined in yellow by this forest service map, Lone Pine spans from along Highway 395 from just below Diaz Lake, up past the historical Manzanar site. Lone Pine is famous for the old westerns that were filmed in its Alabama Hills, and by the road that lead to the base of the famous Mt. Whitney climb. Lone Pine is about 1.5 hours south of Mammoth Lakes. Most people who are going to adventure up to Mt. Whitney actually get stay in Mammoth so that they can get used to the altitude as it is similar, whereas staying in Lone Pine is nearly 3000 ft lower than the start of Whitney.

Lone Pine campground area maps

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