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Mammoth Mountain Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Mammoth Lakes sporting goods stores offer a variety of rental sports gear for most sports you can do here or at the Mammoth Mountain resort. Whether it's skiing and snowboarding in winter or mountain bikking, hiking or fishing their are several specialty stores that can help you with what you need to have a great vacation.

Quite a few years ago City Concierge and Footloose Sports developed one of the most successful ski rental programs to take advantage of the knowledge you can only gain by being right in town, by someone who actually knows, who lives and breaths our snow sports. You can reserve top quality skis and snowboards at Mammoth Mountain, online so you won't have to stand in one!

There is no question that getting fitted for skis and snowboards takes time, and the ski rental business has really blossoomed but one thing remains the same, good quality service at a fair price, by an expert, with expert fitting technicians is still hard to come by. But not any longer.

We recommend booking your Mammoth ski rentals well ahead of time to get the best choices reserved for you.

The advantage of getting your ski rentals in Mammoth, is that if your gear needs a tweak while you're here using it, you have the convenient access to the store while you're on vacation. And who wants to wait in a line at the ski area! There are two types of online rental equipment available. The standard rentals and the higher professional rentals for more advanced skiers.

Try Before You Buy

Try before you buy is a ski rental program that offers you the ability to sample different skis before you purchase a pair. These are the highest quality demo skis available and always the most current model. Unlike the "rent online" program, this is a special order for those who are interested in purchasing skis. Many of the skis are handcrafted, they all are top of the line and different from a "rental ski" which is a different grade and quality. These demo skis are the kind you will want to own. Many of the sski shops in Mammoth have demo rental programs where you can try several pairs of skis or board on a day, so that you can find the ideal equipment to own. Our demo program credits you your rental days when you buy equipment on the same visit. Hence the name "try before you buy". Call us for details 866-864-6444.

So if you're looking to have your equipment ready when you arrive in town, expert boot and ski /snowboard fitting, the highest quality gear, and fair prices, give it a try. And remember, once we know your sizes and what you like, one phone call and we'll have it ready for you on your next visit!

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