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Pet Friendly Lodging

Pet Friendly Lodging Mammoth is a very pet friendly place. Dogs are welcome in and around Mammoth and almost everyone has a shepherd or a husky. Pets are a part of the family and should come on vacation with you. In order to have the most successful time with your pet, you should always reserve pet friendly lodging in Mammoth as they are specially designated proeprties designed to have animals. It is also illegal to bring a pet into a place that does nto have that designation due to others who may have allergies or asthma. you could recieve a fine for sneaking a pet into a non pet friendly property.

Pet Services

Should your pet take ill, get bitten or have some other unexpected trauma while on vacation, you should know about Alpen Veterniary Hospital (760) 934-2291 and High Country Veterniary (760)934-3775. Both can care for your pet and hopefully you won't need them. If you run out of good juicy dog treats or food, stop by Mammoth Pet Products (760) 934-4417 to stock up.

There are plenty of dog walker services available in town if you want to get your dog out while you're having fun, however it is better if you do it yourself. Dogs are allowed on many of the groomed cross country / snowshoe ski trails in winter, or out by one of the Mammoth parks. You'll find plenty of places to walk your dog... on a leash. You are also requested to be a P.U.P and pick up after your pooch.

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