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Seasonal Vacation Rentals / Leasing

log cabin in mammothDo you own a second home in Mammoth that is not generating income when you're not there? Your home can go on a vacation rental program. There are different kinds of programs depending on the quality of your home, and what you expect or desire from a property management company. We rent homes, condominiums and townhomes on a short term basis commonly called vacation rentals as well as a long term rentals. We utilize the services of licensed and registered property managers in Mammoth Lakes for mamaintenace so that your property is well taken care of. You may also choose to rent your home yourself. You are required to be licensed and registered with the town of Mammoth Lakes or are subject to severe fines. Let us point you to a company that will make your rental, a legal rental. Please don't be fooled by gimmicks that offer to pay you if you list with them, it is not real.

For many of our guests, they vacation in Mammoth often. If you're a summer visitor, we can rent your home for you for just the winter season when it is normally vacant and just eating up utlitlites. Likewise, if you don't want to worry about your residence getting rentals via a rent by owner program, or via a property manager that under delivers, or some other vacation rental program where you ahve to worry about how many nights you might get during the season, let us place a long term lease, usually 6 months, into your place. The renters will be gone just in time for you to start your summers... and your costs will be covered!

Long Term Rentals, Ski Leases

For those who love skiing, our season pass holders, ski team families or those looking to stay awhile in Mammoth, we can help. As you can see we have plenty of homeowners we work with directly who want to rent their places. We only do with the nicer more upscale housing and we do not do seasonal or employee housing. We do not allow our proerties to be over stuffed with indivudiulas. There are special offices that handle seasonal workers. Our ski lease homes are the finest we can find, and geared for the family that wants a place, not a crash pad, each time they come to Mammoth ready to go. We take care of everything. You just need to show up and it will be ready and waiting for you. Call us to find out more about our season rentals and "ski leases".

Mammoth Real Estate

Mammoth real estate is an ideal way to acquire a second home and investment property. Real estate in the Mammoth Mountain area has skyrocketed in value in the last few years. With all the town renovations happening, your vacation home can be your castle! There are plenty of real estate offices in Mammoth that can help. However if you're thinking you want to buy a place, use it and also put it on a rental program, then you need to talk to us. We will set you up with some referrals who now the ropes, so you can get familiar with vacation resort property in Mammoth Lakes.

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