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Ski Leases and Long Term Rentals

Season passes have changed the way Mammoth does business. If you're a regular pass holder, than you might consider a season lease as opposed to multiple different vacation rentals each time you travel. The convenience is unmatched as nothing beats not having to load up the car everytime you feel the need for the mountains. Winter or summer, skiing or mountain biking, this is the way to save lots of money and guarantee you'll have a place you can call your own.

Snowcreek LodgesEach season lease rental will come fully equipped, furniture, towels, kitchen... everthing you need. Include in the the monthly price will be things like snow removal, trash pick up and depending on your length of stay, power and gas. We will take care of everything to get you started. Leases in winter are typically all paid up front (for a discount), come with a refundable security deposit, and depending on the length of the season are 5 to 6 months. As inventory is extremely limited. We start placing our tenants toward the end of the prior season, and returning guests always get first crack at re-renting their current place.

Please note, we do not do employee housing of any kind. Our rentals are very high end and not appropriate for seasonal employees.


If you want to earn some money on your second home and not enter into long term contracts with nightly vacation rental companies, give us a call. We'll walk you through the entire process so you can put your second home to work for you. If you're selling your second home, this is a great way to keep it making money for you while you go through the sales process. City Concierge has been working with realtors on home for sale and with our seasonal rental programs for over 5 years.

Talk to one of our representatives today about leasing your second home, or renting one for the season. 866-864-6444.

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