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Mammoth Lakes Driving Instructions

Map of California Mammoth Lakes is located off of Highway 395 between the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. It is a straight shot no matter which way you come from, and it is accessed entirely by highways. Your average time driving to Mammoth is three hours south of Reno, Nevada, and five hours north of Los Angeles and about 5 hours from Las Vegas. It all depends on how many stops you make and how much food in the car you want to consume! It is surrounded by nearly two million acres of one of America's largest national forests, including the John Muir and Ansel Adam wildernesses. The drive in daylight is spectacular especially through Red Rock Canyon, although hard core Mammoth fans drive at night so they won't miss one of our 300 days of sunshine. People have been making the drive since the early days of Mammoth.

Air Service to Mammoth

The alternative to method to get to Mammoth is by airplane. Mammoth has regularly scheduled flights daily during peak seasons. If you're not going to drive with a companion, you might want to consider Mammoth Air Service. You'll find multiple flights each day during winter and they continue, but on a different schedule in summer. There are no flights in the off season. Horizon and Jet Suite X are the two airlines that flies to Mammoth.

Rental Cars

When you get to Mammoth, you may want to rent a car. It is advised that you order it ahead of time. If you're doing the classic Fly - to LAX or Reno - and drive, you'll want to get your cars their. We can help you get the best prices on rental cars

Taxi Service

There are two tax services in Mammoth, "Mammoth Taxi" and "Mammoth Cabs". Both will shuttle you to and from the Mammoth Airport. However, many of our lodging providers provide complimentary or reduced fair service with pre-negotiated rates. So before booking a taxi, ask us if we can arrange that for you with your lodging reservations.

Mammoth Charter Bus Transportation

Large groups come by bus, there is no better way and it certainly is good for the environment. Dollar for dollar it is always the most economical way to get to Mammoth. Besides they are a ton of fun and you get to watch DVDs along the way. Call us to find out more details and rates for your group. Charter Groups Only 866-864-6444.

Town Shuttles

The Town of Mammoth Lakes runs shuttle service all day and late into the evening. The bus comes about every 15 minutes and then after the ski area closes they get further apart but do continue until the restaurants and bars close. There are stops everywhere. Just ask anyone around and they will point them out. You definitely should try using this free service. It is much easier to use our free bus service then it is to drive in a snow storm.

Driving in Mammoth

In the winter, Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra are a haven for snow. Winter driving in Mammoth means you MUST carry chains with you. Please read the tips. Note: Chains for your car are less expensive at home than in Mammoth and more likely to be in stock. Don't worry about putting them on as there are folks to help you alongside the roads for about $30.00 when they are mandatory. Driving without chains is unsafe for you and all around and when you slide into the snow bank and your car has damage you will wish you would have spent the $40.00 to purchase them.

"What is there to do in Mammoth" here is our free guide with family and kids activities for winter and summer. 100 things to do in Mammoth
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