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Hiking At Mammoth Mountain Safety Tips

Here are few reminders to keep you healthy and alive when hiking and biking in the backcountry. Whether you are out in the sunshine in summer or in the snow in winter, these hold true.


Hypothermia is subnormal body temperature that can lead to mental and physical collapse and death. Hypothermia is caused by combinations of cold, wetness, and wind, and can be aggravated by exhaustion. Most cases develop in air temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit and it can occur during any season. It is important to stay dry, as wet clothes loose about 90% of their insulating value.<

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is a result of overexertion at high elevations when oxygen supply is reduced. Rapid breathing and a decrease of carbon dioxide level in the blood, causing light-headedness and a cold feeling, cause hyperventilation. You can also show signs of altitude sickness when you cannot sleep. A good principle to follow is to take it slow, rest often, move to lower elevation if necessary, snack frequently, and most important, drink a lot of fluids to restore body energy. These tips will help you get through the high altitude adjustment quickly. A couple of aspirin are also helpful.


Dehydration is a lack of fluid intake. Adults require two quarts of water daily and up to four quarts when exercising at high elevations. to avoid dehydration, drink liquids frequently, and don't wait until you actually feel thirsty.


Emergencies can occur at anytime. If you get lost, take it easy, keep calm, don't panic. Sit down and figure out where you are. Use your head and not your legs. Three of anything (shouts, whistle, etc.) are a sign someone needs help. Remember to carry a storm whistle, they are the loudest.

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