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Mammoth Road Conditions

Mammoth Lakes receives some of the heaviest snowfalls anywhere in California. But day after day, no matter how much, how heavy, or how rapidly the snow falls, we count on our snow removal crew to efficiently return our streets to drivable condition. During the winter, this crew works diligently to keep Mammoth Lakes streets and roads snow-free and clear to ensure safe driving for our residents and visitors. You can help their efforts by observing a few simple rules. For updated road information, call 1-800-427-7623 (800) GAS ROAD.

For the current weather forecast call 760-934-7669 or visit our weather predictions page for all the details from the National Weather Service, and other suppliers.

Mammoth buried in snow record year 1969Vehicles traveling in the Eastern Sierra during winter months are advised to carry tire traction devices (chains) at all times. Drivers failing to observe the chain controls will be required to stop their vehicles and chain up. If you do not have your tire traction devices with you, you will not be able to continue your trip. When you're installing your tire traction devices, pull well off the roadway onto the shoulder of the road. Do not stop in the traffic lanes to install or adjust your tire traction devices. There are three different categories for communicating to the public the degree of hazard present on snow and ice covered roadways.

What do those R1, R2, R3 signs mean?


R1 - Tire traction devices or snow tires required on all vehicles except 4WD
R2 - Tire traction devices on all vehicles except 4WD with snow tires
R3 - Tire traction devices on all vehicles


CALIFORNIA ROADS 800-427-7623   800-GAS-ROAD
NEVADA Roads - 877-697-6237   877-NV ROADS

Excessive speed is the major cause of traffic accidents during winter. Coupled with the cockiness of thinking you don't need chains, when you do, or the realization that you don't know how to drive in snow cause accidents. PLEASE OBSERVE THE LAW. The Mammoth Police Department has little tolerance for drivers who don't follow the safety rules. Winter road conditions leave very little margin for driver error and very little opportunity for safe, quick braking. Going too fast definitely increases your chances of being involved in an accident. SLOW DOWN.

Roma McCoy standing next to the snow cat in 1969After a storm, many roads will soon be clear, but there are places throughout town, especially in shady areas, where there will be patches of black ice for some time. So be on the lookout for these spots and slow down before you get to them.

Because of Mammoth's huge snowfalls and the need to remove snow from the roads, there is virtually no permitted parking on any Town roads during the winter months from Nov.1st to April 30th. For further clarification about a particular parking area call the Mammoth Lakes Police Department during office hours 760-934-2011 ext. 0.

Big storms create stress on everyone. There are tire traction devices to deal with, decks and driveways to clear, and just getting around can be more of a problem. So please remember, patience and courtesy go a long way.

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